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bratislava massage

Each of us can probably imagine what is hidden under the term erotic massage Bratislava. No, it is not the provision of erotic services like in brothels, as many people think. The majority of society, for some incomprehensible reason, promotes the opinion that erotic massages and all massages falling under them are something shameful and something that should be banned, because they morally offend the environment and society. These false statements and requests are caused by the general public`s lack of information about the true nature and course of erotic massages, which include, for example, tantric massages, nuru massages that use a special nuru gel made from seaweed, sensual massages aimed at stimulating the intimate parts and a number of other, less well-known, but equally rewarding massages.


The lack of information gives rise to various hoaxes and false news and claims, just like in the case of erotic massages. Massages, which are called erotic, are characterized by very close, intimate contact between the masseuse and his/her client. The massages are sensual, slow, the movements and touches are thoughtful, the views are seductive, and the beautiful young masseuses are available to the client from the moment he steps into the erotic massage salon.


Erotic salons are very discreet establishments, even if nothing illegal takes place in them, but in the eyes of society, erotic massages using the technique of naked body on naked body are very outrageous. However, erotic massages have a much deeper meaning than just satisfying the external, physical human body, but this is usually not enough as a justification for changing people`s opinion. Erotic massages are aimed at awakening, harmonizing, uniting, connecting and establishing peace and balance primarily in the inner world of the soul, psyche, mind and our astrological body.

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